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Historical Review

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The story of what is now known as "Gran Hotel del Paraguay" began in 1873 after the war, when Dr. Silvio Andreuzzi, member of an Italian technical mission, acquires a part of the property that had belonged to the last governor Spanish of Paraguay, then to the family Egusquiza and finally Elisa Alicia Lynch Madame Lynch, Irish birth who came to Paraguay by side with Mcal. Francisco Solano Lopez, president of Paraguay (1862 -1870) and conductor of the War against the Triple Alliance (1865-1870). A Madame Lynch was awarded a powerful influence on the decisions of the president.

In the place acquired Dr. Andreuzzi built a summer theater, the first country skating rink and other facilities picnics. The complex was built baptized with the name "Recreo Court Society". The center of what was the old "Villa Egusquiza" adopted it for hotel use, calling it "Hotel Villa Egusquiza".

He also obtained the concession for the installation of a tram line linking the Plaza Uruguaya with the "Court Society". The tram company called "Universal Driver" came to what is now known as "Gran Hotel del Paraguay". The shuttle, attached to that provided recreational complex, the place became one of the most frequented by asuncena society in the late nineteenth century sites.

Light, Art and Politics

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The first known record of high voltage electricity occurred in 1884, when Dr. Andreuzzi resolved illuminate the "Hippodrome Paraguay", also located in the area of ​​"Court Society". Many troupes came from Italy to act in salons today belong to the Gran Hotel del Paraguay. In 1902 the play "La Bohème" by Puccini premiered in 1903 and "La Tosca".

According to historian Concepcion Chavez was first sung the National Anthem at the fifth of Madame Lynch on July 24, 1860 for the birthday Mcal. Francisco Solano Lopez, who had successfully crowned a diplomatic mission in Buenos Aires. In a finely decorated living room, the French musician Dupuis executed in the piano music composed by him for the lyrics of the anthem, the commander Barrios and pharmaceutical Parodi sang.

The statesman and Argentine educator Domingo F. Sarmiento stayed at the Hotel "Court Society", consolidating a friendship with the owner Dr. Andreuzzi, who invited Sarmiento to live on the same site that today is the Argentina School and National Library , next to the "Gran Hotel del Paraguay".

In 1885 Dr. Andreuzzi and his wife Countess Charlotte Bussi liquidated all his possessions and returned to Italy. The Hotel "Court Society" was acquired by a company formed by Enrique Parodi, Venancio Lopez, Emilio Laliette, Leopoldo del Campo, Juan Terreros and Adeodato Gondra. Then it belonged to a corporation that, among others, made up: Don Christian Heiseke, Plate Antonio Gomez and CIA, Urrutia Ugarte, H Kraus, Federico Rein, etc.

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One of the first German immigrants in Paraguay was Don Guillermo Weiler, who settled with his family in San Bernardino, where he inaugurated the "Hotel del Lago" in 1888. His son, Don Enrique Weiler, was called in 1909 to fill the position of Manager in the "Hotel Tennis Society" in Asuncion. Already in 1921 Don Enrique Weiler bought the property named Hotel "Court Society" changed its name to "Gran Hotel del Paraguay".

In 1966 the Paraguayan government granted the award "Honor of Merit" Don Enrique Weiler for their efficient performance in the field of Hospitality. It should be noted that modifications and remozamientos were made respecting the colonial line and richness of the original construction. One aspect worth noted is the wall and ceiling of their living rooms with exquisite ornamentation floral designs, preserved by French artist Hueguette Pascualini paintings.
Currently the administration of "Gran Hotel del Paraguay" is in charge of the fourth generation of the family Weiler.